Empowering Latina women
to make healthy choices and
live free from violence.

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Puertas Abiertas serves the vulnerable population of Latina women and their children in Kent County. We promote the safety of victims/survivors of rural and urban domestic violence, human trafficking, stalking, sexual assault, and workplace discrimination.


With culturally specific programs valuing diversity, addressing issues that arise when different cultures interact, powerfully incorporating participating individual and community cultures, as described by many American researchers.

Holistic Support
from our Entire Team

Providing support for Latina women and their children, we offer support groups specific to women, children, teens and the LGBT+ community. We also support our clients in need of advocacy, individual therapy, job training, family and immigration legal advice, translation, transportation, financial, food, and clothing assistance.

We also have a 24/7 Spanish domestic violence hotline prepared for our community.

“Puertas Abiertas has given me a lot of information about community resources that I didn't know about. I knew a few, but now I know many more. I am receiving the group therapy with Mrs. Andrea that I needed. Not only that, but I feel better. The organization helps us with donations of fruits, clothes and a few other things”.

- Anonymous

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Your donation will help us to change the lives of victims of abuse and trafficking.

Your donation will help us to
change the lives of victims
of abuse and trafficking.

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